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Holiday Clubs 2018-2019

BOSH will be running the 2018-2019 Holiday Clubs, for the whole academic year, mainly from:

St. Hilda's Primary School.

Please use the Online Booking Module to book your places. You will need to register when first ever booking and then future holiday club bookings will be quicker and easier. All communication will be via email so you will need a valid email address.

For information about the kinds of activities that will be on offer, please see the Play Plan section of the website, which has examples of the sorts of activities we offer, and will have the actual play plans nearer each Holiday Club.

N.B. The cost remains at 27.50 (3.00 extra for extended morning or afternoon hours, or 5.00 for an extended day (7.45am/6.00pm) - siblings get a 3.00 discount); half a day is 17.50 (3.00 extra for extended hours, but no sibling discount for half days).

When/If a full week is booked the fifth day is HALF PRICE.
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Holiday Clubs 2018-2019
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