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Mission Statement

BOSH Co-operative Limited was founded in 1997 to provide quality childcare, initially for the children of Brookburn Primary School, in Chorlton, Manchester. In the summer of 2006 the Co-Operative has become too onerous for parents to manage as it was providing childcare for about a quarter of the expanded 2-form entry Brookburn School, so it was unanimously decided to change the status of BOSH from a Co-Operative into a Private Company, owned and run by the member of the existing Management Committee at the time.

On the 1st January 2007 the new company, BOSH Limited, took over the running and management of BOSH. BOSH continued running the before and after school clubs at Brookburn and expanded to run out of hours clubs at various schools around South Manchester, WHOSH, BOSH4, BOSH5 and BOSH8 and others in-between. Brookburn Primary school have recently become an Academy and took the OSH services back in-house at the same time after nearly 20 years of this being provided by BOSH, in one form or another.

It is BOSH's aim to provide and run extended school childcare and holiday clubs for as many children as possible in the South Manchester area, wherever schools may have a need.
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